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4 Tips to Solve Paper Jams and Misfeeds

If we step back and think about it, we put a lot of thought into the machines that we offer, and that you are purchasing, but we don’t discuss paper enough. Living in Eastern North Carolina, paper needs to be a bigger part of the conversation. Eastern North Carolina, while showcasing beautiful scenery, bolsters a very humid climate, especially during the Summer, and early Fall months. The one thing that doesn’t like this humidity? Paper.

Paper needs to be a big focus when looking at the multifunction printer that you have. Because of the humidity, every chance you get, fan your paper in your paper drawers. When the paper soaks in the humidity, it will begin to curl, and it when ran through the machine, will cause jams and misfeeds. Here are a few ways to fight against these issues:

  1. Buy GOOD paper. Buy paper that has a moisture proof wrapping on it.
  2. Consistently fan your paper in your drawers to make sure no pages are sticking together.
  3. Rotate your paper! When putting in new paper, remove old paper, place new paper in empty drawer, then put old paper on top!
  4. MAKE SURE YOUR GUIDES ARE IN PLACE! If they aren’t, it will definitely cause the machine to misfeed.

Following this steps will make sure that your machine doesn’t misfeed due to paper issues, but if it does, don’t hesitate to reach out to Advanced Office Solutions!

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