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Beware of Toner Pirates

We may live in the 21st century, but pirates are just as active now as they ever were! If you have a copier, chances are you have received phone calls from sales people attempting to sell you toner at an insane discount. We call these sales people Toner Pirates. Their job is to get you to buy their discounted toner, which is often times an off-brand toner that, if used on your machine, will ruin your machine.

When you lease, purchase, or rent a machine from Advanced Office Solutions, you will get all of your toners through us. The toners that we use are of the highest quality and yield. If you get a maintenance contract along with your copier from Advanced, toner can be included in that, and whenever you are in need of it, reach out to us and we will have it delivered to you. The toner that we provide were made to work specifically with the LANIER multifunction printer that we sell. Here are some ways that you can fight against Toner Pirates:

  1. Have a specific individual responsible for ordering supplies from your dealer (Advanced Office Solutions inventories toner for equipment we sell.)
  2. Don’t give serial numbers for equipment over the phone (we combat this by having ID numbers that only the staff at Advanced have documentation of!)
  3. Don’t pay bills unless they match your documentation!
  4. Train all of your employees who answer the phone to recognize fraudulent pirates!
  5. Do business with companies who are known and reputable! (Advanced Office Solutions has MANY great references!)

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