Office Equipment Leasing Program

Equipment Financing

Advanced Office Solutions, Inc. offers payment options to fit your budget needs. Leasing is available for new and refurbished equipment. We also finance network equipment and software solutions along with your office equipment. Our goal is to meet your needs and give you peace of mind when purchasing equipment. We offer the following options:


Reasons to Lease:
  1. Convenient, affordable payments that may include maintenance and supplies.
  2. Cost of ownership is predictable
  3. Allows upgrading to most recent technology

Leasing is the most popular way to obtain the office equipment you need. Initial costs are low. One of the benefits to leasing is the convenience of simple bookkeeping. A lease can include the cost of supplies, service, support, and maintenance all billed in one convenient monthly payment. Cost of ownership is predictable and manageable.

We partner with a variety of financial institutions in the industry. Lease rates vary based on several factors: credit history, type of industry, and whether the end of the lease offers a dollar buyout or a fair market value buyout. With a lease, the customer is able to upgrade the equipment at anytime; usually without much financial obligation. Be sure to check with your Accountant for optimum business benefits.


Why Rent Equipment?:
  1. Short term use, fixed amount of time
  2. Cost of use is predictable
  3. Service, Supplies, and rental fee included in one payment.

Renting office equipment allows mobility to industries such as construction sites, real estate developers, and businesses that need to accomplish short term goals. Industries that move equipment around every time their site location is moved benefits greatly from renting. Plus, service and support are included in your monthly rental. This keeps bookkeeping easy.

Occasionally financing is unavailable due to a lack of credit history or payment in cash. With renting, the customer is able to procure the necessary equipment to meet their business needs.

Program Pricing

Advanced Office Solutions, Inc. has partners to offer special pricing for churches, schools, nonprofits, and local government. We are part of a Nationwide Network of Lanier Dealers and provide service on equipment with our “LANIER SERVICE EXCELLENCE.” Please call us for your equipment needs.