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Serving Local Ministries

How do we serve churches?

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Bundle equipment costs.

We save local churches money by bundling MFP/copier, fax machine, business phone, VoIP, connectivity, and other office solutions costs. This allows us to give each organization one price for all of their office & connectivity solutions and give them one incredible price for equipment, maintenance, and ongoing service.

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Ministry Resource Program

We can save your organization money on new equipment through the Ministry Resource Program. We are able to get select, discount pricing on new equipment for churches.

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Lease Rescue

We are passionate about educating our clients throughout the buying process and offer true transparency in every transaction. If you are tired of spending too much and want to lock in your cost for the term of your contract, contact AOS today. Through our Lease Rescue Program, we can buyout your existing contract and in numerous cases lower your cost.

What customers are saying

"Fast quotes"

"Best financing"

"Best rates"

Check out some of the quotes from our local church customers. We are proud that we have a team that cares and gives incredible effort to make sure that our customers are taken care of to the best of our ability! We are here to serve YOU!

"Fastest service"

"Customer testimonial will go here..."

"Customer testimonial will go here..."

"Customer testimonial will go here..."


We'd love to speak with you about saving your church money and getting you a five-star office equipment service and maintenance plan.

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