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It's Time to Improve Your Connections!

Want to communicate across all devices within your organization and make them work for you - we can help!

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Connecting Your Devices

Advanced Office Solutions can help streamline communication efforts across your organization and with your customers. We can make your connections, whether it is bridging your internet from building to building or providing the quality of service needed for a new VoIP phone system. We have you covered. Smooth and easy transition from your old system, with our tested onboarding techniques, training, and support. We strive to tailor our systems to adapt to your business needs instead of you adapting to a new system.

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Need new equipment or an upgrade? We Scale to Meet Your Needs.

Whether you are just getting started or in need of upgraded equipment to support your business's growing technology, we have the background, knowledge, and experience to assess, design, and implement a connectivity solution to meet your needs.

Network requirements vary based on industry and company size. Our broad client base includes health care, legal, insurance, education, services, and non-profit organizations of various shapes and sizes. We understand the unique requirements these industries present.

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Small and Medium-sized Business

We will assess, design, and implement connectivity solutions based on your workflow to include business class routing, switching, Ethernet cabling, network bridging and wireless access points. Multiple buildings or outdoor venues?


Not a problem, we have you covered.

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Small Office & Home Office

You may not get stuck in as many boring meetings, but you still have the same connectivity requirements as larger businesses, albeit on a smaller scale.

We can help with that too.

Urban Modern Interior Design

Large Office with larger network needs?

If you are looking to clean up your network rack or need Managed Network Services we can assist with that too.

For more information on Managed Network Services please contact our knowledgable staff.

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