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It's Time to Make the Call!

Business Phones

A Phone System that Gives Your Team an Advantage

Providing the best business class phone service on the market today, we are here to get you connected and keep your staff and customer workflow happening, in the office or on the go.


A phone system that's part of the solution NOT the problem!

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VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP offers your business better sound quality, integrated collaboration tools, and more call features with significant cost savings. Relying on voice signals over a network means your business number goes wherever you go. Whether you are in the office, traveling, temporarily relocating offices, or moving altogether, you retain the same number with uninterrupted service.

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With our included NimbusPhone App, you can make and receive business phone calls, check voicemails, manage your extension ring functions and much more all from your personal mobile device. Because NimbusPhone is an app you control how to take your business with you, without compromising your personal mobile device or mobile number.

Business Phones with a Mobile App, that's connected!

View your message count at a glance, listen to, and manage your voicemails right from your mobile phone.

Control ring settings for desk phone and/or mobile phone using Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) by setting when each device will ring, duration of ring, ring order, and what to do if not answered.

View the live status of any user in your organization giving you the same kind of visibility that would be available from the office.

Save up to 50 speed dials within the mobile app.

Access your call log to see previous calls, status, time/date and total call history.

From your fingertips.

Moble App

App Features

Dial out.png

Dial out using your business number and caller ID


Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) ring setting controls

Listen to and manage voicemails

Call Log.png

Company Directory with coworker status indicators

Call log with call history

Desk Phones
Mobile App
Conference Phones

Desk Phones

Powerful communication tools right on your desk. Advanced business VoIP technology. Crisp and clear audio. Easy to set up in minutes. Better service that costs less. Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect desk phones. Featuring clear and easy-to-use controls. Caller ID, branding, hold, park, page all, attended/blind transfers, and quick dial settings are among some of the great features.

Let us help you find the perfect desk phone.

Mobile App

Away from your desk? Not a problem. The NimbusPhone App gives you the power to collaborate and manage with the same versatility as your desk phone. Easily download on Android or IOS devices for free. Set up your mobile app with a different ring tone than your personal one to help manage your calls.

Give us a call to find out more.

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Go hands free! Answer your calls and easily enter data while communicating with your customers or move from space to space, up to 120 meters, without losing connection from your desk. Integrates with both your desk phone and your computer at the click of a button so you can take your calls and participate in a webinar using the same device. Background noise is filtered up to 2x that of standard microphones for clear, distraction-free conversation.

Contact us to learn more.

Conference Phones

VoIP conference phones save you time and money by allowing you to increase your overall communications. These phones allow you to hold meetings and call multiple lines whenever you need, all with crystal clear sound and no static on the line. A great option for bringing remote teams together.

We're ready to answer your questions.



And So Much More!
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Voicemail to Email


Call Flows


Digital Fax &
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