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  • Can I keep my existing phone number, or will you provide me with a phone number?
    Yes, we will port your existing business numbers without disrupting your service. You can transfer all or some of your current business numbers over. If you need new numbers, we can provide them as well. Porting your current numbers or getting a new number is provided at no cost.
  • Can I still fax over VoIP?
    Yes, we provide options so you can continue faxing over you MFP using a fax bridge or the scanner feature and fax to email.
  • What do I get for my VoIP monthly services charge?
    There is a monthly fee for your VoIP services, but you get so much more with our local staff. Consultation, installation, and tech assistance are all included in that monthly fee.
  • Do I need to keep my landline?
    For phone services once your numbers have been ported, you will no longer need to maintain your landline. It is advisable to make sure there are no other services on your landline, for example, security systems, fire systems or camera systems.
  • What kind of call quality will I get?
    Call quality with VoIP systems should provide a vast improvement compared to traditional landlines. You will hear the term QOS or quality of service regarding VoIP, that means settings in your router are designated to provide the connection needed by your phones. With sufficient internet speed your calls should be clear and clean without dropping off or jitter talk.
  • Do I have to use a desk phone?
    Desk phones offer you the most features when using VoIP but with our NimbusPhone mobile app, your business can have physical desk phones, NimbusPhone mobile apps or any combination.
  • If I lose power, will I still be able to make phone calls VoIP?
    If there is a power outage, your internet connection will be down as well so the desk phone will be out, but calls will still be able to go to voicemail. Because VoIP is a cloud-based service, by using our provided NimbusPhone mobile app you will still be able to receive your calls, check your voicemails and transfer to other coworkers. There is also a feature that can automatically forward your business number to a cell phone number if the system is offline.
  • Will my VoIP phones continue to work even if I move offices?
    Yes, as long as you have reliable internet and a network with appropriate Quality of Service (QOS) at your new location, your VoIP phones will work. You will need to contact your VoIP Service administrator to adjust the 911 location address to your new facility.
  • What happens if the VoIP network goes down?
    Our service provider has worked very hard to put layers of protection into their system to provide you with seamless connection. This layered approach creates redundancy within the system protecting you against large interruptions in the system that can occur from fraudulent attacks or natural disasters that impact business continuity.
  • If my business is growing, can I adjust my VoIP phone system?
    Yes, scalability is one of the advantages of using a VoIP phone system. Because a VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud, upgrading is easy. You don’t need to add additional phone numbers or contract to another provider. Just let us know your needs and we can add the hosted seats to your service.
  • What is the difference between a copier and a printer? And what is MFP?
    A copier is typically a standalone device that makes exact copies of documents that are already on paper such as graphs, text, photos, etc. A printer is a device that prints directly onto the paper. Printers can be linked to a computer with a cable or wireless connection. The last question is one we hear a bit more. What is MFP? MFP stands for multi-function printer. A multi-function printer is an all-in-one machine that serves medium and large-sized teams very well. MFP's typically include the functionality of several devices in one unit. Most MFP's act as a copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine. Hopefully, this answers all of these questions clearly for you. Did you know that our team can answer any question you have about your office equipment needs? Please let us know how we can help you and your team!new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • How long is the average wait for service once a request is made?
    Once we recieve a service request, our team does their absolute best to respond within 3 hours. Most of the time we respond within the hour. When you request service, we contact you immediately to find out more information and let you know that we're on the way!
  • How do I tell when my toner cartridge is low?
    Both monochrome and color Lanier MFP's will display a message on the screen that tells you when the toner levels are getting low, and then another message when the toner is completely empty. On color machines, you'll see individual messages for the different colors, so you could have a message telling you that the cyan toner is completely out at the same time that you have a message saying the yellow toner is getting low. For multifunction printers that scan and copy, you can print out a configuration page that will display system information, including the current toner levels. To print the config page, press the User Tools button on the operation panel, and then from the menu that appears on the touch screen, select Printer Features. Under the first tab, List/Test Print, there will be a box that says Configuration Page or Config Page -- touch that option, and the configuration page will begin to print out. (On some models, it may print two pages). Toward the top of the config page will be a set of boxes, and the number of boxes that are filled in represents how much toner is left in the bottle or cartridge. For color printers, there will be a different set of boxes for each color. On printers that don't scan or copy, you can also print out a configuration page, but the procedure is slightly different. These printers don't typically have a User Tools button (if they do, you can follow the procedure above) so press the Menu button instead and then scroll through the choices until you come to List/Test Print. Press the OK button, then scroll down to the Config Page option and press OK again. The printer will spit out a page or two of system information, as described above, including the estimated toner levels. On newer model color MFPs (ones with a touch screen that's not monochrome), you can view the toner levels without having to print anything out. When you are looking at the Copy screen, there are two buttons at the bottom of the screen -- System Status and Job List. Touch System Status, and the machine will show the current toner levels, using the filled and empty box representation just like on the config page. (Newer black and white MFPs also have the System Status screen, but for the toner level it will only show if it's okay or low.) Depending on if the option has been enabled or not, some newer Lanier MFPs will even show you the toner levels on the screen without you having to do anything. On these models the toner levels will be represented graphically at the bottom of the copy, print, fax, and scan screens, as either vertical bars (for color machines and some black and white machines) or a horizontal drawing of a toner bottle (for other black and white machines). This representation will change as the toner levels decrease.
  • How can I prevent paper misfeeds?
    Paper misfeeds can be caused by the condition of the paper and how it is loaded. Paper should be stored in a dry, cool place and ensure you ‘fan’ the paper before loading. You can also try printing from another tray. If this is successful, replace all paper in the problem tray with fresh paper from a new ream. Be sure to check the correct paper size is set in the problem tray before you print by adjusting the three ‘fences’ in the paper tray so they are gently touching the sides of the paper.
  • How do I fix black lines appearing on my copied pages?
    Lift the lid and clean the thin glass strip of your copier with an alcohol wipe, office wipe or dry cloth.
  • My scanned documents are sending as jpg. How do I scan to PDFs?
    Select the SCAN icon on the smart operation panel’s (and go to ‘send settings’). Change the setting from jpg/tiff to pdf to jpg/tiff.
  • My printed documents are darker than I’d like them to be. How do I make them “lighter”?
    If you feel that your printing is too dark, click on ‘printer properties’ under the printer selection drop down menu to access the printer driver on your computer. Select the Detailed Settings tab and under the menu, select Print Quality: Advanced. Click on the details button under Color Balance to open the Color Balance Details: Whole Document pop up window. Adjust the Brightness toggle to increase the brightness.
  • Why is my device displaying an SC service code?
    An SC service code may be caused by something obstructing the finisher or stapling unit. Check there is nothing obstructing the trays. Switch the power off, wait for 30 seconds, then switch the power back on. If the problem still occurs, contact us for further assistance.
  • How do I log a service request?
    It’s easy to book a service request online at or contact our office at (888) 553-4208. Please provide you Equipment ID# and a brief description of the issue. The EQ ID# is located on the front of your device.
  • What do I do when I see the Low Toner Warning Light?
    Don’t replace the cartridge until the toner empty notification appears and your machine stops – this maximizes your toner use. If you do not have a back-up toner on hand you can place a supply order online at or contact our office at (888) 553-4208.
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