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Ice Blocks


Ice Solutions


At Advanced Office Solutions, we don’t just stop at water and coffee. We take care of your ice, too. The quality of your water affects not only your water but your ice as well. Through partnerships with top brands, such as Follett and Manitowoc, we have the purest ice available on the market to meet your Swansboro, Jacksonville, Morehead, or Beaufort office’s needs.

Sanitation and purity are our top priority, and our ice solutions offer touchless options to avoid contamination caused by archaic, scoop-based ice dispensers. They are drainless, ensuring easy installation in any location where a 1/4” water line can be run. This eliminates the cost-prohibitive installation costs and hassles associated with drains. Their compact size requires a small footprint while delivering the most ice available anywhere. Powerful to handle all of your ice requirements, our systems provide up to 125 pounds of ice daily.

Advanced Office Solutions adheres to a higher standard, featuring equipment intended to automate your office more fully and render it more productive.

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