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There is an assumption that bottled water is clean water; however, this water can be as polluted as water from the faucet. By partnering with the industry-leading manufacturer, Wellsys, Advanced Office Solutions is able to offer Swansboro, Jacksonville, Morehead, and Beaufort area offices state-of-the-art purification systems to ensure that your team, clients, and vendors have access to the most purified, freshest water possible.

These point-of-use water coolers and touchless dispense models are designed to not only provide great tasting hot and cold water at affordable price points but are built with reliability in mind.

Every model is produced in an ISO-certified factory and includes an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Stand-out features of the Wellsys collection include compact design, state-of-the-art purification systems, LG parts and components, and clean, fresh-tasting water.

FloWater is on a mission to decentralize water purification and democratize access to pure, safe drinking water- with zero plastic waste–for everyone. Incubated in Silicon Valley and now headquartered in Denver, FloWater makes the world’s most advanced, new-tech water refill stations, transforming any potable tap water into the world’s best-tasting, most purified water that’s delivered on-demand.

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification uses your existing water source and removes up to 99% of any impurities that can be found in typical tap water. Then, FloWater improves the water with trace elements of essential minerals and electrolytes. Finally, the water is finished by running it through a coconut carbon filter for a crisp, fresh, delicious taste.

FloWater Refill Stations are now deployed in all fifty states at thousands of offices, retail outlets, fitness centers, hotels, corporate events, concert venues and schools across the country to provide a better-tasting, safer and more convenient alternative to the plastic water bottle. The company has already eliminated the need for over 300 million single-use plastic water bottles market and is on target to hit one billion by the end of 2022.


Advanced Office Solutions adheres to a higher standard, featuring equipment intended to automate your office more fully and render it more productive.

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